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Brightonforever would like to apologise for being offline for the last few months and any inconvenience it may have caused.  We will not go into detail as to the reasons, but over the next few days, we will endeavour to bring Brightonforever up to date.  Brightonforever would like to wish a Happy New Year to all of our contributors and supporters.

Spam :  We are currently receiving over 200 spam emails per day and our spam filter is deleting them so your emails may have been missed.  If you wish to send any information to be included on Brightonforever, please type the subject as “watson” in your email.

Enquiries : The only enquiries accepted will be limited to services offered by Brightonforever, i.e, hosting, web design and advertising.  Brightonforever is purely an information portal limited to what is available in the Brighton area.  Please do not send CV’s, (unless a vacancy is advertised within Brightonforever), arrangements for Brighton racedays or Doctor’s second opinions.

Please note the information contained in Brightonforever is not guaranteed as being correct and up to date.  No doubt some of our listings may be obsolete and no reliance should be placed upon the information given therein.  We endeavour to give information as being correct subject to the submissions of our contributors.  Before committing any undertaking from the information contained within Brightonforever, please contact the relevant party to confirm any arrangements. Brightonforever cannot and will not be held responsible for any information given within this website.

What’s new : more exciting pictures from Alcazar, our foremost and exciting photographer, capturing Brighton at it’s best.  More galleries coming soon

Brightonforever can offer the following:

Adverts: You can advertise your business on this site for £50 per annum (inclusive of design).
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Domain Name Registration: For ‘.co.uk’ domains – £9.99 for two years, ‘.coms’ – £15 per year
Details here…

Web Design: If you wish to have your own web site, we can design and build this for you at reasonable rates, starting at £20 per hour.
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Web Hosting: We can also offer a highly competitive web hosting package, starting at £50 per annum or web site management for those who may be thinking of moving their domains.
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Search Engine Registration: We have a lot of experience in Search Engine Registration and our rates are very reasonable, note that we do not use software submission programmes. We submit each site to each of the popular search engines on an individual basis to ensure you are in the correct category.
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Secure Servers: We can offer Secure Servers for e-commerce.  For prices:
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